Early Works

Here are a couple of (very) early works, written around the time I turned seven when my older sister Kate bribed the use of the TV for an hour out of me on a Saturday evening by offering me a relatively unused writing journal.  I accepted, and the following two stories resulted, along with various others.  I believe they were written and illustrated with a pack of washable Crayola markers. I have since moved on to computers.  A lateral move, at best.


Slimy Worm’s Fighting Fruit

This first story, Slimy Worm’s Fighting Fruit, contains all the major themes of literature:  love and war, and of course, earthworms and rotten apples.

The End

The Bird’s Egg

This second story, The Bird’s Egg, combines a primitive unconscious imitation of Animal Farm with barnyard cannibalism.  Has that been done before?

The End

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