A Beckoning War

abeckoning war cover

Coming in April 2016, from Baraka Books, A Beckoning War is the story of Captain James McFarlane, a Canadian infantry captain in the Second World War stationed in Italy. He is coming apart at the seams as he struggles to command his rifle company under fire while waiting for letters from his wife, Marianne, whom he left shortly after their wedding to enlist in the army. The novel cuts between the present reality of life on the front, before and during a great battle, and back to Jim and Marianne’s domestic life before he was sent. The novel deals with love and war and the motivations of people and of the peoples they comprise–what fuels the passions  both privately and publicly.


“An empathetic yet flawed man drives this wonderful novel, the first from an author ready for a glittering literary career.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“The action scenes are especially successful in a war novel that’s full of dirt and light and heartfelt fear. Falling shells beat “the drums of misery” and artillery bears down on the men “in a terrific overlapping thunderclap.” “Flames hiss and crack and lash the sky red” and shards of glass are “pieces fallen from a fractured sky” as we march on through Jim’s vivid reality. It is writing that leaves its mark.” Peter McCambridge, QuebecReads.